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Wellington: Creating Tomorrow is a half day forum loaded with inspiring speakers, a tons of good ideas… and you, but only if you get along.

You can purchase a ticket right here.

Now in its eight successful year, the Wellington Forum provides a place where ideas can find an audience and, most importantly, a place to go for future action.

This is a forum for people who care about Wellington and are keen to influence its future direction. So, there’s plenty to learn and chances to have your own say.

A new feature of the Wellington Forum is ‘Communities of Interest’ where forum participants identify with particular areas of interest that they wish to influence. In addition, forum websites in topic areas, are allowing participants to contribute their views online. For example, areas of interest include the environmental transformation of Wellington, the future of work, Wellington as New Zealand’s technology hub, Wellington’s post-settlement iwi economy and the development of our status as a cultural capital. 

If this forum looks like you, grab a ticket today and tell plenty of friends about this essential event in Wellington’s calendar.

Wellington- Creating Tomorrow is a forum you shouldn’t miss

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